GL Caravan Care

Caravan service and repair
at your home storage or site.
Gloucester, Gloucestershire
GL Caravan Care offer either a full, comprehensive service for your caravan, a ‘chassis only’ service, or ‘habitation only’, on single axle and twin axle caravans, and also habitation services on motor homes.

Caravan servicing ensures your pride and joy is safe and ready to use for your holiday and can identify any potential faults or problems including damp, as a full damp test is performed on full and habitation only services. It is a legal requirement of the Road Traffic Act to ensure the caravan you are towing is safe and legal for the road.

Some caravan sites, even if you do not tow your caravan, but keep it permanently sited, may still insist on a habitation service annually not only to ensure your safety, but the safety of others on the campsite, and of course, regular maintenance can help prolong the life of your caravan.

Our full, comprehensive caravan service includes all of the items in both a ’chassis service’, and also a ’habitation’ service, and takes around 4 hours.

Chassis Service, summary of;
Check operation of, and lubricate coupling head, over run piston, handbrake, corner steadies, jockey wheel, check breakaway cable, clean pads on tow ball stabiliser, remove road wheels, check tyres inc pressure, clean check and adjust brakes, replace one shot nuts with new (where required), replace and torque wheel bolts/nuts to correct torque setting, check overall condition of chassis and attachment to bodywork.

Habitation only service, summary of;
Full damp test and report, inspect floor for delamination, check all internal catches, stays, lock , seals, blinds, skylights, check all water and waste systems, gas test, operation of all gas appliances, security of pipework, co2 test, and flame failure devices, inspect and check operation of all 12v and 240v electrical functions/appliances, safety of wiring, earth bonding and RCD/MCBs, check operation of fire, co2 and security alarms, and expiry date where applicable, inspect external bodywork, window & door, operation of and lubricate locks.

Due to varying specification and parts required in different caravans, please call with your caravan details for a price or to discuss your requirements.